Friday Feature

Welcome to my ‘Friday Feature’!

I’ve decided to do a little update on Fridays maybe with stuff going on in whether it be in my life or about my books and I will try to give you insight into my writing process. I also hope to turn the spotlight onto different authors to see what they’re working on. I can’t promise that it will be every Friday but I hope it will be a regular-ish feature. If you have anything that you would like to know about me or my books or about writing in general, feel free to let me know and I will try my best to answer it! You will find previous weeks here.


Happy Friday everyone!

I know I was supposed to be talking about ‘The Murky Middle’ in my next Friday Feature but I started writing about book launches and got carried away with myself. So I promise next week I will definitely write about it.

It’s launch season at the moment and on Tuesday I attended the launch of Louise Phillips’ third book ‘Last Kiss’. Having been at Louise’s previous launches, I know that she always attracts a huge crowd but I think the crowd on Tuesday evening surpassed all of that. Louise read a short extract from the book and it definitely sounds like a gripping storyline.

Last Kiss final front cover full size

It’s only as I sit down to write this that I’ve realised that don’t seem to have any photos of the lady herself signing copies (major faux pas!) but here is one of me with fellow authors Clodagh Murphy, Carmel Harrington, Jennifer Burke, Hazel Gaynor.

photo 1

Here is another of Jennifer Burke with some brilliant book bloggers Celeste NíRaois (, Margaret Madden ( and Lisa Redmond (

photo 2

I’m gearing up for my own launch for my third book ‘Into The Night Sky’ which takes place on September 2nd in Dubray Books on Grafton Street (eek!). The official publication day is August 28th but it’s already available as an e-book so it’s nerve-wracking to know it’s out there and that people are already reading it. I think the pre-publication nerves are getting worse with each book! Here’s the cover if you haven’t seen it yet:

Into the Night Sky TPB


If anyone is going to the Woman’s Way Live in the RDS, I’ll be taking part in the ‘Meet the Author’ masterclass on Sunday at 12.30 so if you’re going along please say hi to me!

Have a great weekend!

Caroline x


12 thoughts on “Friday Feature

  1. Aedamar Lennon says:

    Hi Caroline. The website looks great. Once I started In a moment, I couldn’t put it down, so I can’t wait to read A small hand in mine. xxx

  2. Martina Caffrey says:

    Just started your first book. It’s a turn pager. Looking forward to finishing it at the weekend I hope. No housework for me I think.
    🙂 😉

  3. carolannwrites says:

    Another thing we’re told is only write about you’ve experienced! Thank God my stories don’t reflect my experiences! :O

  4. Pamela Hayden says:

    Thank you for the book recommendations Caroline. Does being on maternity leave count as a holiday? Pre-baby surely it does 🙂 Might stop me baking yes you did read that correctly baking!

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